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Our history goes hand in hand with that of a family which has been working in the field of engineering for fifty years, handing down specialist methods and know-how from father to son in the specific application of motor windings.

It all officially began in 1967, when Giuseppe Concato and Giampietro Bordin established "Bordin & Concato", a company specialised in winding wires for motors. Both of them had previously worked at the Ottaviano Pieropan engineering company where they met and had learned to appreciate the respective skills and inclinations of the other. Giuseppe began to work for Pieropan after returning from Brazil where he had lived from 1959 to 1962 (during which time he had always worked in the electrical engineering sector).

"Bordin e Concato", the forerunner of AMEC, enjoyed constant growth and development and employed over twenty people in its factory in Via Fiume, Arzignano.
When, at the height of the company's growth, the two partners began to think about moving to a larger factory in order to be able to address increasingly demanding projects, Bordin suddenly left the company to begin a new career.
It was not the moment to throw in the towel: Giuseppe was helped and inspired to continue by his wife, Annamaria.

The company changed name to "Concato e Dal Maso". It featured the same experience, the same passion and the same love of working, but this time his wife pulled up her sleeves, got onto the factory floor and took over many managerial tasks and duties.
Annamaria gradually became the heart and soul of the company.
Amec, in its current form and structure, was established after a very difficult period at the beginning of the Eighties when a serious illness gradually forced Giuseppe to stop working.
At that point, Annamaria was left to carry on the company by herself, though she did involve their very young son, Claudio, in the activity.
Claudio loved his job: he put his heart and soul into the production department and injected his love of work, enthusiasm and personality into the company. Though he learned the job from his mother and father, he reinterpreted the family tradition on the basis of his own experience.

In 1982, therefore, "AME (Avvolgimento Motori Elettrici) di Dal Maso Annamaria" was established. Technique, experience and manual skills, in fact, had been handed down from generation to generation.
In 1995, Claudio established AMEC (Avvolgimento Motori Elettrici Concato) s.n.c., the name the company goes by to this day. Shortly afterwards, he married Sandra, who had worked for a long period as quality assistant at Lowara.

Her strategic contribution and corporate vision were fundamental for the growth of the company during the next ten years. In 2005, the company, with its fifty years of history, became a limited company and is now managed by Claudio (production) and Sandra (sales).


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