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The production process is performed by specialised technicians who assemble the motors by hand. The production line is divided into vertical islands to allow different models to be processed at the same time. This makes it possible to continue batch production whilst developing prototypes. The entire process is carried out in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 - Vision quality certification. This allows us to monitor each part of the process and standardise manual processes with a view to optimising quality during the various processing phasese.


The production process is divided into the following phases

  1. Receipt of the design of the motor
  2. Analysis of the project and optimisation work, where necessary
  3. Feasibility study, timing and cost estimate
  4. Manual production of the winding

Assembly of the coils of copper wires which are then fitted inside the motor can vary depending on the quantity, length, position and shape of the wire.

Inserting the insulating material into the cavities. Different types of insulating material are used depending on the type of motor. These may vary both in thickness and in width.

Winding/Insertion into cavity
Inserting the coil of copper wire inside the stator pack

Connection Connecting the coils according to the design Connecting the motor phases Soldering Covering with wires Casing to eliminate projections and allow the motor to be fitted

Test di resistenza per individuare come è stata saldat

a la treccia a matassa
Test di rigidità dielettrica per verificare:
a) se il motore scarica a massa
b) se scarica da fase a fase
c) se l'ausiliare scarica sulla matassa principale
º Surge per individuare la qualità e la quantità del filo



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