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We put the soul
into your motors

Motor winding is our trade, we are proud of how we do it, it's what we think we do better than many other companies. Few people in the world can assemble motors as well as we can: our know-how goes hand in hand with the painstaking care and attention we apply to each phase of the production process, the severe procedures we follow and the passion we put into each single article.
We like our work, it's our passion: that's why we constantly strive to achieve perfection, going so far as to optimise the appearance and packaging of the wire covering and head.

"Emotion" is what links us to each single piece we produce: each motor has its own story and we put the soul into it.
Each prototype is a new challenge. And we like challenges.
It's our job: transforming production processes that are too difficult or too complicated for others into routine procedures.

The skill and experience of our specialised technicians working on the batch production line allows us to standardise complex manual processes.
Our company assembles all sizes of motors, both as prototypes and for batch production.
Customers are constantly involved and co-ordinated during each production phase: the understanding and trust we develop with them is a priceless asset for both.
Our motors can do what other motors can do. But, whether you believe it or not, they are different.



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